Farmers working together to bring about a global revolution. 

From Australia to USA. 

Two Brothers, One Vision

Margra Lamb represents the years-long effort of two brothers —Martin and Graham Gilmore — third generation livestock breeders based in Oberon NSW. Together they have bred a quality of lamb seen only previously in Wagyu, with a micro-marbled finish and low fat melting point of 82-95°F. The result is an unprecedentedly delicate lamb meat that is as much a joy to cook with as it is a pleasure to eat — a testament to Martin and Graham's collective effort and generational craft. 

From Vision To Fruition

Inspired by native haired sheep seen on their travels to South America, and already operating a successful stud farm named Tattykeel, the Gilmore brothers set out to breed a fully haired meat sheep intended for Australian conditions. The development of this lamb became the main focus of Martin, Graham, and Graham's two sons, Ross and James. Through years of careful breeding using the latest technology and techniques, they succeeded in their venture, developing a unique breed of lamb certified as the Australian White. But the journey did not end there. In breeding the Australian White, the Gilmores noticed that certain lines had exceptional eating quality. Working with Associate Professor Aduli Malau-Aduli of James Cook University, the Gilmores were able to further cultivate this trait. Today, only the finest Tattykeel Australian White Sheep genetics are selected for Margra Lamb. While Martin did not live to see the fruition of their project, he was an integral part of the development of Margra Lamb. It is now a living testament to his work and the lifetime achievement of the Gilmore family. 

Raised as Nature Intended

Margra Lamb is proudly Australian born and bred. Initially pioneered on the Gilmore's Tattykeel farm in the Central Tablelands of New South Wales, today all Margra Lamb is raised on farms in NSW and Victoria using Tattykeel genetics. Great care is taken during each stage of the animal lifecycle. Our approach to rearing Margra Lamb emphasises ethical and natural practices, removing all use of hormones and antibiotics, and ensuring zero exposure to feedlots. All Margra Lamb is raised in green pastures with ample access to clean drinking water and shade. Additionally, the unique haired quality of Margra Lamb allows us to eliminate the stress the animal would go through during shearing. All Margra Lamb is fully traceable from paddock to plate, to control its pedigree and ensure its superior quality. 

A Meat Like No Other

Margra Lamb has been bred to have a superior eating quality, like no lamb you 've ever tried before. This is thanks to fine micro-marbling found throughout each cut, which melts at a very low cooking temperature of 82-95°F and contributes to an unbelievably delicate taste. In addition, Margra Lamb is ideal for healthconscious diners, having been proven to have significantly higher health benefits than other red meats — namely, high levels of EPA and source levels of omega-3. It should be noted that this occurs naturally, without the need to feed the sheep supplements that would artificially boost these levels. A fine texture and mild aroma contribute to a silky mouthfeel and clean palate after eating.