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Led by an entrepreneurial spirit, Daniel Fagerman (President of Fagerman Farm), travels frequently.

One such trip led to the discovery of Tattykeel and their Australian White (AW) breed-- in Mexico of all places. Soon after, a relationship was forged.

Fagerman Farm is proud to offer a “top-shelf” lamb product and wants to share it with other fellow Americans.

Eating lamb is known to have many health benefits, although it fails to impress the palate. Margra, not only multiplies the health benefits of lamb, but has superb flavor and preferable texture.

Fagerman Farm has imported thousands of embryos of Australian White genetics directly from Tattykeel to facilitate an American “home-grown” product.

While this base flock is establishing itself in and around the US, we are working with top notch ranches in Australia to provide this product now. We are excited to offer one of the best tasting and healthiest red meat sources in the world to fellow Americans.