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Not Your Average Lamb. Try It and See.

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Margra is a remarkably delicate meat that is as much a joy to cook with as it is a pleasure to eat.

Fine Texture.

Micro-marbling and low fat melting point create a delicate taste and feel that you will not soon forget. 


​​Nutrient Dense.

Margra has above average levels of EPA and source levels of Omega 3s naturally, making it unique to any other red meat source.

​​Exceptional Flavor.

Forget any preconceived ideas you may have about lamb. Margra breaks all the norms and changes the game when it comes to a great dining or grilling experience.

A Meat Like No Other.

Margra Lamb has been bred to have a superior eating quality, like no lamb you've tried before. This is thanks to fine micro-marbling  found throughout each cut, which melts at a very low cooking temperature of

+/- 89°F and contributes to an unbelievably delicate taste.

Many Health Benefits.

Margra Lamb is ideal for the health-conscious diners, having been proven to have significantly higher health benefits than any other red meats -namely, high levels of EPA and source levels of Omega 3. It should be noted that this occurs naturally, without the need to feed the lamb supplements that would artificially boost these levels.

What is

Unlike the globular marbling found in larger animals such as beef, micro-marbling refers to a very fine degree of intramuscular fat marbling evenly dissipated throughout the muscle. At low temperatures this fat melts, becoming more oil-like in texture, giving the meat a soft mouthfeel comparable to Japanese Wagyu.

“Hands down, the most user friendly meat I've had the pleasure working with. Incredibly verstile, you simply should not underestimate the quality

and flavors of the Australian White Margra.”

Chef Rick Vonk